Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's Official!

As of July 1st, I'll be leaving Cardiff and moving back in with the parents. As a 22-year-old university graduate who hasn't really lived at home for at least four years, you'd think I'd be a bit more miffed at having to go back. But I'm actually looking forward to it. It'll be nice to see my little brothers every day and, at last, my Mum will get to see another female more than once in a blue moon. Plus, my parents have mentioned they're considering redecorating my old room and getting new furniture for it before I move back. God, I'm spoilt. hehe. We'll see how long this excitement lasts. Give it two or three days and I might be ripping my hair out.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy every moment of having my own space and my own house. I'm definitely going to miss the shops in Cardiff. All the shops in my hometown are half burned out or have gone out of business. Let's hope I get a nice job here that I can travel back and forth to until I find a new house in the city.

I'm desperately looking forward to the 30th-31st weekend. My best friend in the world is coming to stay (at last) for a good girly weekend before I'm off back home and she (finally) moves to Cardiff. Our timing couldn't be more off. We're talking gossip, wine, munchies and the whole shabang! (Did that sound sexual?)

Finally finished my Swine Flu article which is up on the website for a whole week. Definitely should do some more for that site. Gives me such a thrill to see my writing on there. (Do I say 'definitely' too much?)

I don't really have much to blog about today. I've started on a new book (one of my Dad's) called Necroscope by Brian Lumley. Loving it so far. It's book number 18 (I think). Think I'll post a progress report on my bookathon later.