Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy St. David's Day

I'd like to wish my fellow Welsh peeps a Happy St. David's Day today.

Being 23 on St. David's Day is quite sad because, other than wearing a leek or daffodil, it's usually a pretty normal day.

Back when we were kids, we all came to school in a traditional Welsh costume (which was hideously embarassing at the time). Lessons were called off to sing Welsh hymns in the morning and have a big Eisteddfod. Then we'd have cawl and welsh cakes for dinner, and in the afternoon we'd do some old-fashioned Welsh dancing.

At the time it was such an annoying thing to do. Now I miss it. We don't really do anything as adults. We just get up, get dressed, put our leeks and daffodils (or, if your work place allows it, rugby shirts) on and go to work. Boring. :P

I still get pretty shocked when my English friends tell me they never celebrate St. George's and never did as kids either.

I couldn't imagine a childhood without the embarassment of an old-fashioned costume.

Anyway, as it's St. David's Day, and I'm under no illusions that Wales isn't quite a forgotten country when it comes to the UK, I'm going to set you all a challenge.

Everyone knows lots about England. A lot of Americans know a lot about their 'Scottish or Irish' roots. But Wales always seems to be forgotten. Probably because we're so small.

I challenge you today to find out a little bit about Wales. It doesn't matter where you're from. Just give yourself a bit of extra worldly knowledge today and find out some nuggets of information about my home country. :)

And have a fantastic St. David's Day! :D


serendipity_viv said...

Here is a little bit of info for you that is personal to me. I am half Welsh and my grandfather was a coalman down in the pits near Tonypandy. I shall be in Tonypandy in the summer to catch up with all my lovely cousins.
Happy birthday!

Melody said...

Happy St. David's Day, Ceri! :)

Amanda said...

If you have kids one day, you'll have to dress them in traditional welsh costume. btw, I absolutely love the Welsh language. :D

Ceri said...

Vivienne - Ooh, awesome. Tonypandy's just up from where my brother lives. :D Not too far!

Mel - Thanks, hunni. :s

Amanda - Definitely doing that! ... Me too. It's a shame most Welsh people don't speak it anymore and that it's a dying language. :(

Michelle said...

Fun! I had no idea that this day even existed. But I followed your advice and learned what Welsh cakes were, after your Tweet earlier today. Any pictures of you in those costumes, BTW? ;-)

Eva said...

When my family lived in England, we went on a long weekend trip to Wales. It was so gorgeous! I had a ton of fun. :D

Violet said...

Those costumes are adorable.

I do have a friend in Wales but every time I chat with him he says it's raining :)

I will find out more though.

Happy St. David's day!!!

The Bookworm said...

Happy St. David's Day! I never heard about this before, it sounds like a fun celebration. And the costumes are so cute.