Friday, 24 April 2009


Probably the first and only time I'll ever start something with that word. What is the deal with the whole 'First' thing? Just another meme that never made sense?

The first blog should probably summarise my position in life right now.

Disposition: Happy enough. A little hungover. And hungry (Surprise(!)).

Financial status: Money is, once again, non-existent. But have a promising interview tomorrow at a cocktail bar.

Social status: Still jobless but managed to secure meetups with most of my friends last night. The social gathering quickly turned from a meet'n'greet get-together for food and a quick drink to a sweat-ridden mosh in a smelly underground rock nightclub. The fun never ends.

Missed any opportunity (as always) to do anything remotely productive today due to tiredness brought on by six mile detour home accompanied by strange curly-haired adolescent hurling abuse at friend's little sister. Sore throat is also present as a side dish.

Now sitting in bed with laptop, watching Finding Nemo out of the corner of my eye. I don't agree with cynics who blame Disney for giving children romantic notions of love and encouraging the idea that fairytales come true in the adult world. These films clearly demonstrate that you must take the bad with the good. Yes, the hero/ine has a happy ending but, in all fairness, in order to get to that conclusion, the general rule seems to be that said protagonist get a chance to witness one of their parents fall into a stampede or get swallowed by a barracuda around the 20 minute mark. Name me one Disney film (other than Peter Pan (who has NO parents) and 101 Dalmations) in which the main character has both parents. Yes, the mysogynistic, anti-semitic father of children's films clearly knew how to entertain an audience. We shouldn't complain. We know what we pay for. We want to see a happy ending. Or else we'd have chosen to watch Schindler's List (Although I have no doubt Disney would have happily financed that one, too).

Before I sign off, kudos to everyone at Metros last night who had definitely heard that the bird was the word.