Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Summer's here.

Well, here we are. Another Wednesday - another search through the South Wales Echo for jobs that are non-existent :-S . Oh, well.

So, the world is in terror because of the new 'swine flu' epidemic. Vegetarians everywhere look smug when this sort of thing usually happens (remember bird flu? BSE?) but, from what I've gathered, this flu travels just like any other flu. So everyone watch out for a pig sneezing on you. They're looking to get revenge, y'know. For all the crap you've put their ancestors through.

And ... veggie rant over.

It's a beautiful summer day. Only 2.30pm and I've already had a pretty good day. Applied for lots of jobs, paid the rent, sent out two DVDs, had a surprise visit from two friends who kindly dropped off a Neil Gaiman book for the other half and I to read (apparently we are the last people in the world to hear of him) and did a bit of shopping.

Love, Janis is getting better the more and more I read on. I love this woman. She's so sure of herself and who she wants to be but is trapped in a world that strives for convention. I know how that feels. Yesterday I checked out the new library in Central Cardiff. Very impressive. Couldn't resist checking out a book before I left (Kings & Queens: The story of Britain's monarchs from pre-Roman times to today) and reserving a copy of An Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry. I'm hoping if I take a few poetry lessons I can finally learn how to channel my descriptive writing into something constructive and beautiful.

I wish I had a bike. Today really is beautiful. Bike-riding weather. I might take my book to the park in a little bit and sit under the trees. Before I sign off, I'm going to post a link to the DVDs and books I'm selling in case anyone stumbles upon this and fancies a look right here.