Saturday, 20 June 2009


Last week I attemped to read my first eBook. have a wonderful system where they email you a passage from a chosen book every day. After 200 or so days, you've finished a novel. :-)

I decided to take part as a good way to bump up my numbers in the 50 Book Challenge and chose Little Women by Louisa May Alcott to be sent to my inbox every morning. I know this story and I really enjoy it so was looking forward to diving into the world of the March sisters.

Unfortunately, after only two days, I abandoned it. The story itself was fine: everything I expected it to be. But something was wrong. I realised I couldn't sit here at my computer and fully enjoy and appreciate the words on the page. There's something about looking at a monitor for a good hour or so that's unappealing. I also found it hard to concentrate: my imagination had switched itself off and I couldn't keep the story in my head properly.

I guess eBooks aren't for me. Nothing beats the feeling of leaning up against a few plump pillows or cushions, cup of tea in one hand, book in the other. I love the feel of books. I love the smell of them. I love turning the pages and physically seeing the ink that's dried on the page. I love the fact that I always lose my bookmark after a good read and have to turn the couch/chair/bed upside down to find it. I love the isolationof reading a book; the fact that you can drift away into another world while your body stays sleeping in your favourite spot.

It's something you can't get by reading on a monitor, unless, I suppose, you have a laptop, which you can put on your lap for such an occasion. I know that by reading eBooks, we could cut down on the amount of paper we use for printing but I find it so difficult.

Anyone out there who might read this blog entry: what are your opinions on eBooks? How do you manage to get comfy while reading them? Or would you prefer a physical paper book?  


Amanda said...

I have one of the newer Kindles and those work really well. They're more like books than like computers, and I can lay in bed and read, or put them in a waterproof bag and take it into the bath without worrying about destroying it. It's wonderful.

Paulish said...

I empathise with attempting to read fiction via electronics - just doesn't do it for me, either! Reference, however, is fine - I've loaded multiple eBooks onto my BlackBerry and have previously done so on my PDA when I was in uni. I guess it's not often you snuggle down to a textbook in the evenings!

The Bookworm said...

I've read a few books thru dailylit myself. I agree, nothing compares to real books.

Eva said...

I don't enjoy ebooks either (but I don't have a Kindle). But I really like reading short stories online!

Anonymous said...

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