Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Largest Floating Book Shop in the World

The World's Largest Floating Book Shop has docked at Britannia Quay in Cardiff Bay.

It's a 12,000-tonne former passenger ship carrying more than 6,000 books. The ship, run by a Christian missionary group, travels around the world every year spreading the words of the Gospel, and it's here for the public to visit until Thursday (when it'll travel to London).

As I'm not religious I probably won't be popping in for a visit but if anyone else has ever visited it or is planning to, let me know how it was and what it was like :)  


The Bookworm said...

6,000 books on a floating book shop!
sounds great, I wonder what kind of books they sell.

Ceri said...

From what I've seen it has a few children's books but the majority is Christian lifestyle books.

Anonymous said...

wow...I love this idea. It's like a floating book mobile :)