Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Video fail!

I just spent the last 20 minutes filming the vlog for my Christmas book loot.

Unfortunately it wasn't until I played it back that I realised my webcam is so old and decrepit that the video can't keep up with the sound. :( Fail.

Fortunately I do have a normal camcorder and will proceed to start all over again as soon as I get an energy boost.

Right now, I look like this:

Normally, a sound and picture sync wouldn't bother me too much but then I realised who my audience are. The majority of you guys, my beautiful readers, are American. My father and I recently took a trip to Liverpool, and even those guys had to ask us to repeat what we were saying.

The thing about Welsh-accented people is we speak wayyyyyyy too fast without actually realising it. Hence why my webcam video probably can't keep up with the sound! :P

But, yeah, if there was a chance that any of you guys had a hard time keeping up with my accent, at least you could try reading my lips. With this video, there's no chance. :P

Ah, well.

I'll try again in a bit.

Not to waste a post, I'm going to show you some images of what I've been up to lately (during my absence):

The snow has finally began to melt by me.

The UK seemed to have gone batshit crazy when we were hit by snowstorms just before Christmas. No-one here knows how to react to the stuff because we don't usually get it until March. And even then it never sticks.

This time there were plane/train cancellations, people being stuck on the motorways in cars for 16 hours, all that kind of stuff. Yikes! I just wanted to throw snowballs! :P

As I mentioned, I went to Liverpool with my dad. Liverpool always holds a special place in my heart as it's where my grandfather and his family come from. I was also born near there in a city called Chester.

My dad took me up there to Anfield, Liverpool's football ground, to watch a match. :D

We lost. :-(

But it was still an experience of a lifetime. Something I'll definitely do again. Oh, yeah, and it was freezing! I took a bottle of water in with me. By half-time the water was colder than when I'd bought it!

Last bit of 'news'? New piercing!

The top one. It hurt like fudge! (See how I'm trying to curb my swearing? ;-) ) It hurt worse than my tattoo. But I wonder whether that's because it's been a few years since I had some 'needlework'. I got my three other ear piercings while still in school, and my tattoo when I was 18. It's been a while.

What do you think? :)  


Amanda said...

Oh man, I can't wait to see a vlog, Ceri!

I've heard those earrings hurt terribly, which is why I never got one. I'm such a wimp.

Sandy said...

I would beat your webcam, Office Space style. The snow over here in NY is mostly gone but the winds are bitterly cold. I had to bundle up like an eskimo since the cold was so painful T-T;

Nice piercing! Kudos for being brave enough to get it there. I've only got my ears pierced ;P Although sometimes I feel like getting my nose pierced...but I heard that it's painful too o_O?

Rabbitinahat said...

Boo at vlog fail, but I totally understand. Audio that's out of sync with the visual drives me absolutely nuts :-)

I feel your pain.

Natascha De Marco said...

I miss ya!

So sorry for the fail video, that sucks.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Ceri! LOL at the comic! I'm like that too when I'm experiencing techno stress. Hehehe. In fact, I may even look worse than the woman in the comic.

I love the new piercing! But I think I love the skull earring more!

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Sandy said...

Aww, thanks Ceri! I wanted to have attainable resolutions this year :) I read your other post about Borders... I'm sorry to hear that the store's going out of business. I read an online article that Borders isn't faring so well over in the states either. I can't say I'm a Borders girl but I always liked the store's atmosphere. It was more calmer and less hectic than Barnes & Noble.

But why am I starting the New Year off on a somber note?! Happy New Year Ceri!! May 2010 be a happy, healthy year for you :)

Violet said...

oohhh...vlog, can't wait to see it.

Love the piercing, I have the lower one and I'm thinking of getting an upper one too, just like yours :)

The Bookworm said...

I cant wait to see your vlog! hopefully you'll get it to work. you must have the coolest accent :)
youre brave with the piercing, I dont like piercings....ouch!

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