Saturday, 28 November 2009

Advice to a Younger Me

- Don't let your first love stop you from doing everything you always wanted to - He's your first love; Not your last.

- Becoming more confident with people is great; Just don't let it get the better of you. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

- On that note, Buy black eyeliner. The moment you start using it, your confidence will soar.

- Stop listening to pop music and don't get so worked up because your favourite boybands are splitting up. In five years time, you won't give a shit and will be listening to real music like The Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones.

- Not being afraid to do something different than your friends is a good thing. Keep this up. :)

- Please try and smile more. And don't take yourself so seriously. It's harder to start turning things around when you're in your twenties.

- You're a big dork. Don't worry; it's more fun that way. :D

- Keep drinking all the water you've started chugging down. Having that rather than fizzy pop is going to help you drop two dress sizes.

- DON'T tell people you barely know your deepest darkest secrets. It comes back to bite you on the arse - several times.

- Teachers aren't always right. They're human too, just like you. The sooner you realise this, the better. Otherwise you'll end up having a huge problem with authority at the age of 22.

- You'll find yourself straddling two worlds when you go to university. Keep wanting more for yourself and striving to achieve your goals but never think you're better than others.

- The first person you meet in college will change your life and become one of the best friends you've ever had. She'll be the ying to your yang. Don't let go of her.

(If you could give advice/write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?)  


Amanda said...

Aw, that was cute! I liked that, especially that last picture. :)

Thierry said...

Okay, I can't sleep, so I'm happy to oblige. :)

Test before you trust. You might think they deserve your friendship, but most of them do not.

Love comes in many different shapes. Just because she breaks up with you doesn't mean she wants you out of her life.

Stop caring about what other people might think and be crazy. They'll still look at you funny, but if you feel like jumping around and screaming out your happiness, do it. It'll make you even happier.

Don't listen to people you don't know. They may keep telling you they know what's best, but the truth is: you have much more life experience and you know why you have taken the decisions you've made.

Talk to the girl next to you on the school bus. It will be the biggest regret of your life if you don't. You'll hate yourself for many, many years.

Don't drink when you're angry or sad. Just don't. Trust me on this one.

It's okay to do stuff alone if none of your friends is interested. Really, it's okay. Nobody will shoot you because you go see that movie on your own. Or go to that concert on your own.

On that note: don't go to an Air concert. Ever. It'll be a waste of money.

Be a bit more disciplined. It'll make you happy to achieve stuff.

Don't lose sight of your dreams. You may have to take a detour sometimes, but make sure you always know where you're going.

If you feel like you need a day away, leave. There's no point in staying somewhere you cannot bear to be.

Take the train and the bus as often as you can. It gets your creativity flowing.

Cherish those Friday afternoons a little bit more. You will miss them. A hell of a lot.

Don't be sad about people who don't stay in touch. Your true friends will stay in your life. Even if they move to the other side of the world.

Sandy said...

your post and Thierry's extra advice are beautiful! :)

The piece of advice I would tell my younger self is that if you've got toxic friends, DROP THEM. It's not worth it to stick around, thinking that they'll change; they don't and you don't need that extra stress in your life. And that some boys just aren't worth thinking about; there's someone out there who won't be afraid to tell you how they feel. :/

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Great list and great additions in the comments! All I would add is

The Bookworm said...

that is some great advice!!

Jenny said...

Oh if only I could really send advice to my past self. If I'd known how much I was going to grow up in the four years I was at university, I might have listened to other (slightly older) people when they gave me advice.

Michelle said...

Love this, Ceri! As for advice to my younger self, I would say the following:

Being yourself is more important than being popular.

Never be afraid to stand up for your beliefs and challenge the status quo.

Those who force you to make choices are not true friends. Rather, your true friends are ones who will support you no matter what you choose.

Ceri said...

Amanda - Hehe, thanks. Yeah, I've got plenty of pictures but barely any of me and my friend pulling a decent pose haha.

Thierry - You're awesome. I love your list. Brilliant points there. Love it. :D

Penguin - Well said. Good advice there that I'd probably add onto mine too.

Jill - Ahahahaha! That's bloody brilliant!

Naida - Thanks :D

Jenny - Haha, yeah, I know how that feels. University changes everything, doesn't it?

Michelle - Great advice there. It's a shame that when we're younger we don't realise this stuff sooner.