Monday, 30 November 2009

Twilight hysteria

I'm not going to make a huge deal of this. I saw New Moon over the weekend and I thought it was better than Twilight but not great. Kind of like the way I felt about the books.

I'm still Team Jacob if I have to pick a team. But that's pretty much it.

My feelings can be pretty much summed up here where Lainey from Lainey Gossip hits the nail on the head.

It's just my opinion. That doesn't take away the fact that you might have loved it. Good for you. :D

I like Robert Pattinson. I just don't like Twilight. From what I understand, he auditioned for something he knew nothing about, couldn't predict the outcome, and is now in a contract he'll never be able to get out of. (His lack of enthusiasm for the books during promotional interviews say a lot about how he feels about the series.)

Oh yeah, Edward and Bella's relationship has officially been declared abusive according to the National Domestic Violence hotline. Everything it lists as a cause for concern happens in the series. Check it out here. It's a must-see.

But, yeah, I'm looking forward to his next film, Remember Me. I read the script before he was cast and, if they haven't made any changes to the story, this should be an incredible film.

The trailer's been released. Do watch. :)



Amanda said...

I'm not a Robert Pattinson fan at all (that's the first time I ever realized his name wasn't "Patterson"), but that movie looks really good.

Sandy said...

I'm on Team Jacob too. (Bella can keep Edward-I don't go for the whiny types!) I felt New Moon was better done although I wish we could've seen more of Jake's pack and such. Bella wasn't quite as annoying this time around ;P

LOL it's officially listed? About time: both of them were too obsessive for each other. I didn't know he was going to star in another movie where he ISN'T Edward! That would be refreshing... the trailer looks really good! :D

B.Kienapple said...

I don't care a whit for Twilight but Robert Pattinson has some promise as an actor. I still want to see that Dali movie he starred in.

Ryan said...

I couldn't even finish the first book let alone start the rest in the series. I did think the first movie was ok, though Bella has to be one of the most annoying female characters ever writter. Edward isn't that much better in my opinion. Now Jacob is just hot so I may watch the movie for that alone. Haven't decided yet.

The Bookworm said...

I loved the first book, and enjoyed the rest in the series. The movies are getting better I think. I'm not a huge Pattinson fan either, I dont think anyone could ever play Edward.

lol, I read the New Moon review article you linked to here, I kept telling my one girlfriend during the movie, 'Robert Pattinson looks constipated'.