Friday, 20 November 2009

Cezzie Returns!

Yeah, so my blog has been pretty dead for the last month or so. Starting a new job has really impacted on how much free time I have and how tired I am. Usually by the time I sit down to look at my Google Reader, I get through six or seven and then feel too tired to carry on.

But, don't worry. I'm here to tell you, I'm back.

And I deeply apologise for not replying to comments lately, and not visiting your blogs.

I'm getting on top of that asap as I have this whole weekend off and am going to have a fabulous time relaxing and doing whatever the hell I want. :D

Christmas and Hanukkah are coming up - Yay!

Are you all looking forward to it? I am. Though I have yet to start my Christmas shopping (yikes!). Better get on that one.

Anyway, the point of this post was to say Hellooo everyone. I have returned from my 'hiatus' of sorts and I shall be reviewing and visiting and interacting more. :) Missed talking to y'all.


Sandy said...

I haven't done my holiday shopping either! I usually do it last minute (which isn't a good idea considering the holiday rush...but somehow I always find the best gifts last minute! :D)

SO very glad to have you back! *hugs*

Amanda said...

Hi Ceri! I think everyone's been pretty quiet this month, so don't worry too much about it. I hope your job's going well.

The Bookworm said...

Hi Ceri, dont worry about not blog hopping. Enjoy your weekend.

Michelle said...

Welcome back! This is such a busy time of year that I can imagine blogging taking a back seat to all the craziness of the holidays. Have fun doing whatever you want!!

Melody said...

Welcome back, Ceri! We all need those blogging breaks once in a while!

Hope you're doing well! :)