Thursday, 2 July 2009

BTT: Celebrity Memoirs

Today's Booking Through Thursday question is:

Do you read celebrity memoirs? Which ones have you read or do you want to read? Which nonexistent celebrity memoirs would you like to see?

I usually stay clear of celebrity memoirs. They all seem to have the same tone a lot of the time - a lot of bad childhoods culminating in huge success covered by fake modesty. But I do make exceptions. If I'm interested in someone enough, I'll be more than happy to pick up a book by them.

I read Sharon Osbourne's Extreme and Jack Osbourne's 21 Years Gone, both of which I really enjoyed. I'm a big fan of the whole Osbourne clan so I really loved how frank they were and got to learn a little something more about what goes on behind the cameras.

One of my favourite books is The Journals of Sylvia Plath. While it's not a memoir, it's close enough. Peter Doherty's Books of Albion were an excellent collection of his journals, put together to show how amazingly poetic his words really are. I also read Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank this year. I love the style and personal connection you get while reading a diary/journal and would really love to get my hands on more. Can anyone recommend any great ones? (I have Virginia Woolf's on my wishlist).

Any of David Sedaris' essay collections about his life are a must-read. Maya Angelou's collection of autobiographies are incredible. (Writers count as celebrities in my world. :-P)

I tend to read a lot of fiction that's a thinly disguised version of the author's life: books written by Hunter S. Thompson or The Bell Jar would come under this category.

I have Marlon Brando's Songs my Mother Taught Me which I can't wait to read, and I'd also like to pick up Arthur Miller's memoirs.

As for whose I'd like to read: Kate Winslet; Robert DeNiro; Al Pacino; Meryl Streep; Johnny Depp. Just a handful of my favourite actors. :-)  


gautami tripathy said...

Interesting choices!

Here is my BTT post!

Melissa said...

Sedaris doesn't really work for me, but I would like to read a book by Depp!

JoAnn said...

David Sedaris is awesome! Can't believe I forgot to include him on my list.

Tina Kubala said...

Jack Kerouac was another who wrote memoirs with the names changed and published as fiction. I love his stuff, but I know a lot of people who can't stand his lifestyle