Sunday, 11 October 2009

'Tis Pink

Aye. If you hadn't already noticed (how could you miss it? The neon looks like what the gangs of girls in Cardiff dress up in when they go out on a cheap imitation '80s night), I changed my blog design. I was sick of flowers and butterflies - they don't reflect my personality.

Neither does the colour pink but I love the background, and it's the closest thing I could find to being what I wanted. It's only temporary until I find that *perfect* layout but it'll do for now.

The colour is no reflection on the name of this blog. As I've explained before, the phrase "not in the pink" comes from a Queen song titled "I'm Going Slightly Mad." Listen to that song and you'll get the general idea of what I was trying to do. It's just a coincidence that the colour and the name clash. :P

I'd really like it if you could leave me a comment about how it looks on your computer. I want to know if things seem a bit squinty, not-aligned, you can't see columns because they're all over the place, etc. At the moment, my only problem is that my header and blog description (at the top) aren't perfectly aligned at the centre, and I want the header to be slightly bigger (Any HTML whizkids who can help me out with that?). Everything else looks fine on my computer - there are three columns, they seem to be matching in width or near enough.

But what does it look like to you, dear readers? Feedback would be much appreciated. And I'll send you each a muffin for every comment you leave.

It's 4.15am here. I was supposed to have an early night - The parents are back from holiday tomorrow and I'm supposed to be getting up early to clean the house. Instead, after changing my template, I lost all my blog widgets and spent a few hours fixing them. Now I'm still up and watching Jeremy Kyle on YouTube. Bugger.

It's going to be a long Sunday. :-S  


Ryan said...

Love the background, one of the best I've seen actually. The column are straight and easy to read. The pink screen is a little bright but not too bad.

Jenny said...

I second the love for the background. I think maybe the columns are a teeny teeny bit too bright with the pink. Otherwise definitely love the redesign!

Daniel Grosvenor said...


It looks alright on my cheaper monitor, but on my 24" £450 HD monitor all I can scream is 'MY EYES!!!!' The neon is a little *too* intense!

The background is alright, it's just the columns that are making my eyes bleed slightly.

Come over and I will show you.


serendipity_viv said...

Finally, I can access your comments. I wonder if it where you changed it. I haven't been able to leave a message all week. I was laughing about you nearly burning your parents house down.

The blog looks lovely, but the pink is very bright!

Amanda said...

I don't have a problem with the pink, but the neon turquoise links and stuff are killing my eyes, sorry! Otherwise, it's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I like it, so much better than black, very fresh.

Sarbear said...

I like it -- and thanks for the insight into your title. I had no idea that's where it came from. I like your new background. If you said your old one wasn't you, I think this one is great.