Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Origin of Stupidity

I am not posting about this to offend anyone. I mean no disrespect whether you believe in Evolution or Creationism.

But this is really fucking stupid.

You don't even need to click on that link to watch the whole video because below is a video response by a fabulous YouTuber called ZOMGitsCriss. You don't need to have seen that original Kirk Cameron video to watch this response because Criss covers it perfectly.

I was going to post about my reaction to this 50-page introduction but Cristina pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say.

Ray Comfort has since announced that he's now giving away 100,000 books at 100 universities, Darwin's text will be left in tact, and he's now revising his 50-page forward to be more fair to evolution and atheists.

That smells too much like bullshit.

I'd love a free copy of The Origin of Species but I don't trust any edition given to me by the likes of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Unaltered text? Yeah ... sure.

Here's the 50-page introduction in case you want to read it.

Unlike a lot of atheists, I don't think Richard Dawkins is the be all and end all of great thinkers. I mean, I believe that as long as religion and state is kept seperate, and religion isn't greatly affecting society and people's lives (which, when we think about, it is), they can believe whatever the hell they want. But I'm seriously considering starting an online petition to get Dawkins to do that 50-page intro to the Bible. Yeah, it's petty and childless and two wrongs don't make a right, but when people like Comfort who are scared shitless of logical thinking start throwing their creepy views around, someone's got to say something.

Rant over.  


La Coccinelle said...

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." ~Albert Einstein

I read parts of the introduction, and you can tell that whoever wrote it is pretty ignorant about a number of things. If these people weren't always in everybody's face, it would be best to ignore them, as they don't really have anything relevant or intelligent to say... and conflict only seems to encourage their stupidity.

Ryan said...

I was unaware of this before and I whole heartedly agree with everything you say. I live in Kansas and every time we get a new State Board of Education our teaching standards on evolution changes. People need to get with it and deal with the fact that evolution is real and still happens to this day.

Ceri said...

La Coccinelle - I totally agree. People always took religion as something they had in their lives and never questioned it. Now that people aren't bothering with it, they're shit scared.

Ryan - Agreed. I'm so grateful I live in a country (UK) where state and religion and so seperate. Nobody wants to hear about religion when it comes to the matters of politics, but I read that about 70% of Americans wouldn't dream of putting an atheist into the Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

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