Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Review: The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996)

Title: The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Rated: 15
Release Date: 26th April, 1996
Country: USA

Director: Michael Lehmann
Starring: Janeane Garofalo, Uma Thurman, Ben Chaplin, Jamie Foxx

Rating: 5/5

Plot: Dr. Abby Barnes (Garofalo) is a quick-thinking, smart-talking radio veterinarian. After helping Brian (Chaplin) over the phone and on-air with his out-of-control dog, she finds herself asked out on a date by the man in question. Suffering from low self-esteem, she asks her beautiful, model neighbour Noelle (Thurman) to pose for her instead. With Brian falling for Abby's voice and personality over the phone, and fake Abby (Noelle)'s stunning good looks in person, he thinks he's found his dream woman. In the meantime, can Abby bring herself to tell Brian the truth before he falls deeper and deeper in love with her?

Review: I love this film. I really do. It's such a funny, cute, witty romantic comedy with a good message. While Abby has the brilliant mind, Noelle has the great looks. Together they make the 'perfect woman' but have very low self-esteem when it comes to Abby's outer beauty and Noelle's intelligence. The question on every viewer's mind is: Once Brian finds out, who will he choose?

To be honest I don't think Janeane Garofalo is unattractive. She has beautiful eyes, fabulous lips, and a great face. But the fact that it's mentioned quite a bit how low her self-asteem is makes up for the fact that Abby isn't exactly bad-looking.

Thurman plays the beautiful girl but manages to win over your hearts by being equally self-conscious about her intelligence. She knows she's not the smartest person in the world but doesn't play the character as a stereotypical 'dumb blonde'.

I love Ben Chaplin even though he had to leave a great TV show we had in Britain called Game On (about an agoraphobic man and his flatmates) to do this film. He brings so much charisma to the leading man role that we don't persecute him for being entranced with fake Abby's face.

So many romantic comedies follow the same storyline but this one's in a league of it's own. Garofalo is hilarious as always with her dry wit and cynicism, and Thurman is sweet with her charm and naivety. My mother and I even got my dad to sit down and watch it with us one day - and he enjoyed it - so it's not just for girlies. ;-)

If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's a must-see, feel-good film that'll make you laugh and cry.  


serendipity_viv said...

God, I remember Game On. Samantha Janus was in it too. Look how far she has come now. I loved this film.

Amanda said...

I actually think Uma Thurman is hideous. I'm not sure why everyone thinks she's pretty.

Kerri said...

I haven't seen this movie in years - but I do remember the dog on roller skates and the violin in the bathtub. I should rent it again.

The Bookworm said...

I love this movie too! Its so sweet :) I do think Janeane Garofalo is pretty too. This is such a cute film. Great review :)


LOVE this movie! Seriously good!!!

Sarbear said...

I remember this movie -- I saw it a long time ago but it made me laugh : )

Violet said...

1996 is an old movie, but I haven't even heard of it...hmmm.

I love romantic comedies, I'll probably check if it's available here on DVD

Ceri said...

Vivienne - I love Game On, but I always preferred the first series because Ben Chaplin was in it.

Amanda - I couldn't agree with you more tbh. She reminds me of a dinosaur - I don't know why - a kind of lizardy one and I've never understood the appeal.

Kerri - Do it. It's so sweet. I want that dog! hehe

Naida - Yeah, I think she's very pretty. I didn't get the whole 'ugly' concept.

Mary - It is. :-D

Sarbear - Yeah, a good few giggles. :-D One of my favourite romcoms. :)

Violet - Yeah, definitely give it a go if you can find it! It's worth it. :-D