Sunday, 2 August 2009

A Piece of Beauty ...

One of my favourite songs of all time and some of the most poetic words that send chills down my spine. So brutally honest and a wonderful love story told. (I'd recommend reading the lyrics while the video plays the song.)

Sheepskin Tearaway
Written by Peter Doherty and Dot Allison

She opened her heart to a tearaway,
A sheepskin tearaway,
He was covered in scars
And full of heroin.

Everyone said from the start,
Not one single thing could ever be okay.
She didn't listen anyway.

She just opened her heart and threw her cares away,
At night they held oh so tight in the dark,
He brushed her hair away,
She heard him say:

"All my life I've been fighting, making the best of, and with,
a very bad lot, very bad lot, very, very bad lot indeed."

"All your fighting got you no-where,
And no-where's here with you on my skin,
And you could fight forever,
But if you killed them all, you'd never win.

So give me your surrender,
There are other ways to kill the pain,
But this will never mend you,
It's like trying to dry your eyes in the pouring rain."

She opened her heart to a tearaway,
A sheepskin tearaway,
All covered in scars,
And full of heroin.

A Sheepskin tearaway,
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep,
Sheepskin Tearaway.



Rabbitinahat said...

I saw them do this at Glastonbury, it was absolutely gorgeous x

Ceri said...

Yeah, Dot came out and performed this when I went to see Pete back in March. They realy complemented each other. I love it. <3