Friday, 14 August 2009

'Tis the day

The Time Traveler's Wife is released today and I shall not blog another word after this until I have seen it. I shall be seeing it at 6pm today (What? Like I was going to wait?) and I'm looking like a child dizzy on lemonade at the moment. I'm an ultimate film geek and passionate about literature so the fact that my all-time favourite book has been transferred to screen is enough to make my head explode. (This is how Twi-hards must feel.)

Rachel McAdams is impossibly awesome and who can ever get enough of that Australian piece of manhunk? Okay, now I have to occupy myself for four and a half hours until 6pm comes around.

Until then, TTFN.  


Amanda said...

Have fun!

It's ironic - the more I see of this movie around (trailers, posters, people talking about it) the more I hate that book. The hatred grows exponentially. I'll bet that's how people who can't stand Harry Potter feel like when everyone gets all excited about the new movies. :)

Susan said...

I have just about 60 pages left of the book, but I am waiting until next Friday to go see the movie with my sister. I think it's going to be really great and I can't wait :)

I'm going to do a combo book/movie review after I see the movie. I'll be watching to see what you think of the movie!

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Ack, I really should have gone on opening night. Now I've been hearing so many differing opinions that I've lost the excitement :P

DenasMenas said...

I finished the book on Wednesday and saw the movie on Friday. I will be back to hear your review and the comparisons to the book.

Ceri said...

Amanda - Haha! Yeah, I figured you'd be rolling your eyes about all this TTTW film gushiness ;-) hehe.

Susan - Ooh, I can't wait to see what you think of them both. I'll look out for that review. I couldn't do a review of the book - it's my favourite and I find it hard to write reviews about books I love that much :P

Joanne - Haha, Yeah, the excitement seems to have died down now that it's been released. It's probably worth seeing it and forming your own opinion.

Denas - Thanks. What did you think of the book and film?

Melody said...

I still haven't read this book yet! I hope you enjoyed the movie and I look forward to reading your review soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you like it then?

It still hasn't released here :(

Ceri said...

Mel - After seeing it, I don't know whether I'd recommend reading the book first or not. I think if you read the book you definitely notice what's missing but you appreciate it on different levels.

Violet - I did enjoy it :-) Oh dear, when is it released there?