Monday, 17 August 2009

Updates and Winnings

Happy Monday everyone! :-)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend or, if you didn't, that the coming week will be better. I've been incredibly behind on replying to everyone's comments, visiting your blogs, and blogging in general so I'm going to try and get everything together today.

Today I shall be posting a review for the new film, Orphan, which I saw on Wednesday and also a review for the long-awaited The Time Traveler's Wife which I caught on Friday. I'm not saying a word about the latter until I've posted the review so you'll all have to catch my opinion on the adaptation of my favourite book then.

For those of you interested, an updated version of my Religulous DVD review is available here on The Sprout.

And, on a more bookish note, I've won my first competition in years.

As you may have seen on my previous post, Mel from Melody's Reading Corner was giving away two copies of Philippa Gregory's upcoming novel, The White Queen.

I'm very lucky to have won a copy so thank you so much, Melody. I'm absolutely over the moon and have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new series about the War of the Roses, so this has really made my day. :-D

Everyone please visit Melody's Reading Corner. Her blog is pure awesomage.

Congratulations also goes to Molly of My Cozy Book Nook who won the second copy.


That's my little update until I get my reviews up. I'm going to leave you with this little treasure I can't stop watching. One of my favourite bands, Phantom Planet's 2002 appearance on Letterman singing 'California.'



Anonymous said...

I still haven't read a book by this author. I need to!

Melody said...

Congrats, Ceri! I've sent your snail mail addy to the publicist. Hopefully you'll receive the book soon! ;)

Ceri said...

J. Kaye - Yeah, I'd definitely recommend checking her out and forming your own opinion :-) Some like her, some don't (especially as she's not entirely historically accurate). I'd recommend starting on 'The Other Boleyn Girl' or 'The Queen's Fool'. :-)

Mel - Thank you so much again :-D