Sunday, 23 August 2009


It's my first go at The Sunday Salon this weekend. Let's see how this goes.

It's not really been a great week of blogging. Then again, it hasn't been a great week for anything. I've been in such a funny mood - One of those 'isolation' moods. I just don't want to talk to people for a few days. It's strange. I've been enjoying my own company and making my own plans and haven't really wanted anything to distract me or bring me out of my own world.

August has been an unbelievably slow month with reading but this week I've finally managed to finish Wicked: Witch & Curse by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie. I received this from The Book Bag to review (which'll be up later this week) and Wow!

This is such an awesome series. It's a Young Adult series set around a group of witches and warlocks whose families have been at war for centuries. Witch and Curse are the first two books in the series and, after reading them, I will definitely be getting the rest. I have to find out how this story ends.

I'm not usually a 'series' type of reader but this is one I'll be getting my nose stuck into in the future. It's written really well - kind of like how I hoped Twilight would be written - and I can't wait to start writing my review on this.

Glancing over at my TBR pile, I haven't quite decided what to read next. It has to be a Classic. I am sucking at my Classics challenge and only have a few weeks to finish it.


A big thank you to Mel from Melody's Reading Corner once more. I receieved my copy of the new Philippa Gregory novel, The White Queen, through the mail yesterday much to my delight. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, I insist you do. She's really awesome.


One more mention of The Time Traveler's Wife. I caught the film adaptation last week and unexpectedly enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the book but I really did like it. I'd see it again. I'll buy the DVD. Kudos to Eric Bana for not disappointing me (I'm waiting for your shoddy performance, dude - you can do no wrong) and Rachel McAdams was fabulous as always.


And, lastly, over to awards. Taschima from Bloody Bookaholic has given me the Me-To-You Award. Thank you so much, hun. You rock.

The person who recieves this award must do a shout out and nominate 7 other bloggers.

Okay, so the people I'm passing this onto are:

1) Passing it right back to Taschima (Bloody Bookaholic)
2) Michelle (Master Musings)
3) Faye (Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm)
4) Kay (The Infinite Shelf)
5) Jaime (For the love of all that is written)
6) Naida (The Bookworm)
7) Susan (Well-Mannered Frivolity)


This really isn't a great first 'Sunday Salon' post but, like I said, I'm in a real strange mood this week. Don't really feel like being very communicative. I like my isolation at times so I've been sitting in my room spending the days trying to find a job and my nights watching films. Hopefully more blogging will ensue soon.

Love to you all.

And a huge Happy Birthday to my Dad (Monday) and my little brother (Tuesday).

(Not that either of them are old, of course. ;-) They're just both Family Guy fans)


Amanda said...

Welcome to the Sunday Salon! It's good to see you here.

Natascha De Marco said...

Thank you ^^

And congrats!

Melody said...

I'm glad you received the book, Ceri! I hope you'll enjoy it. This book will be on top of my TBR list!

Congrats on the award! It's well-deserved! :)

Care said...

wow - lots of good stuff in this post. congrats on winning that book. and the award and I look foward to hearing which classic you choose!

Ceri said...

Care - Thanks a lot. I chose Doctor Zhivago - looking forward to diving into it. :-D

Ceri said...

Amanda - Thank you :-)

Tachima - Thank you and Congrats back :-) hehe

Mel - I can't wait to read it and I also can't wait to see what you think of it too.

JaimeLovesStuff said...

Awww!! Thank you so much!! Congrats on the White Queen Winning! Awesome for you!

JaimeLovesStuff said...

PS I LOVE Dr. Zhivago!

Susan said...

The Wicked series looks like something I would enjoy...

Thanks for the award - it's my first! I'll have to give it some thought and do an award post later today :)

Ceri said...

Jaime - Thanks and you're entirely welcome :-D

Susan - Yeah, I'm slowly getting into fantasy/supernatural lately and this series is something I really enjoy. I'd definitely recommend it. You're totally welcome :-D

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the award! It sounds like it came at the perfect time! I think we all get into those moods sometimes. I always chalk them up to hormones and how much they suck.

I'm insanely jealous that you got a copy of Philippa Gregory's latest! I will definitely be waiting for your review to see how it is. Dr. Zhivago is great. As with all Russian literature though, you'll have to be patient with it. (And FYI - it's definitely not the movie.)

And thank you for passing along the award! I'll have to go through my list and post something today or tomorrow!

Ceri said...

Michelle - Yeah, I think it was the hormones. But I'm definitely a lot more refreshed having come out of it. I can't wait to read 'The White Queen.' :-D

I'm 30 pages into Doctor Zhivago and can't put it down so far. (Thankfully I haven't seen the film so I've nothing to compare it to :-) ).

You're very welcome. :-D

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

OMG i'm so slow.. I just now saw ur award comment on my blog.

Thanks ceri!
this award looks so cute lol :D

Ceri said...
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Ceri said...

Faye - Hehe - that's okie, you're welcome. :-D